My name is Ivan Tolmachev and I'm a freelance interdisciplinary designer, a citizen of the world.

Currently engaged as Head of Design at Jilt and a Design Advisor at Xenon Ventures.

I defined AncestryDNA products and redesigned searching through millions of family records to be a breeze.

I directed product design at Onfleet, making local deliveries around the world a delight. I love making B2B products.

I used to lead design at Airbrake, acquired by Rackspace. That was awesome.

I also helped launch Carta, designed Miro media player & supported good folks at Creative Commons.

I ocassionally provide founders with design guidance at StartX and Gateway Venture Fund.

I love the Oakland Raiders. My last name means "interpreter". I believe the world needs to communicate better. I do my part through design.

Case studies take time. While I'm busy writing, check out my Dribbble page

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